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  • A short video explaining the site, let me know if you have any feedback on what may help you.
  • Thank you for considering the position to be a home inspector. While this is a rewarding vocation, it’s a challenging one. We continue to adjust the training process based on the successes and failures we have had as a company.
  • Road map to becoming a home inspector.  We estimate 3 to 5 months before you can do inspections full time, as it varies based on the individual’s background and the effort you put into it.
  • You have 7 days from the date of the interview or when you accepted the position to your InterNACHI profile. We will insert the dates in the email when what is required for you.
  • We are on a first come first serve basis, some people need extra time, and others just want to take their time or are not ready to come on board.  A person, may start in January but be ready in September while another person may start in March and be ready in June.  Our goal is to train you to be ready and then roll you out.  Due to the nature of the home inspection industry, and seasonal conditions, we have to plan for slowdowns and ensure there’s enough work for everyone.
  • Click here to set up your InterNACHI profile
    • Click the Log In tab in the upper right-hand corner
    • Scroll down to “Not A Member Yet?” and click “Sign up”
    • Continue filling in all of the information up until the point where it asks you to pay
    • You’ll get an email from InterNACHI asking you to confirm your email address. Continue to confirm, but don’t pay.
    • Let Stephen( know you’re ready to be set up with InterNACHI through Champion Home Inspection
  • Complete the InterNACHI training within 7 weeks, both CPI and Indiana State Lic requirements(Easy Part)
    • InterNACHI CPI requirements are found here CPI requirements
    • Indiana State online courses are found here Indiana State License Requirements
    • You will see the majority of the courses overlap.
    • If you anticipate taking more than 7 weeks, speak with Stephen. We don’t disqualify you for taking longer but want to have the plan to move you forward.
    • Complete both the CPI and Indiana State Licensing requirements within 4 weeks and get the $1,000 bonus added to the 120th inspection mark.
  • Complete the Nation Home Inspector Exam(Hard Part)
    • 30 days,
    • This is the hardest step, it has a high failure rate of 55% of test-takers
    • We provide you with the books to study(contact Stephen), the best resource based on your feedback
    • You can also take some practice exams in advance.
    • Here is the link to their website
    • Also, we will provide you with Compu Cram. Contact me before signing up we have a coupon to use with it.  Here is the website, Compu Cram home inspector exam prep
    • We will pay for two attempts and then you will be on your own.
    • Pass the National Home Inspector Exam the 1st time through and get $1,000 added to the 120th inspection bonus.
    • If you fail it the first time, the second attempt must be taken within 45 days of failing the first.  After the 2nd attempt, you are on your own.

Once you meet the requirements for full-time employment, we will provide both the inspection agreement(you got a copy of the interview and the education agreement).

We created this website with your feedback, to help guide you through the process.  This is more of an apprenticeship than a job out the gate.

Please hang onto the website as it’s unlisted or we can resend at any time and let us know what you need to know and we’ll make improvements.

Question: When is my inspector agreement in effect?

From the 1st day of paid employment.

Question: Where can I get a copy of the inspector agreement? Current inspector agreement

– Go to the CPI requirements review and start them.
– Add the Indiana state licensing to your profile, and review the progress.
You will see the CPI and Indiana state licensing requirements overlap each other.
This walk-through video should assist you with what is needed.  Click here to Navigating InterNACHI

Question: Why the hard line on how long to complete a task? After putting over 30 people through the training process and we track the progress, we have found those that who don’t complete the given tasks actually never do. So to be fair to you, we don’t see a need to string someone along extending milestone after milestone in their progress.  For example, if they haven’t completed InterNACHI training by the 16th week, they likely never will. They’ve lost interest and moved on.

Question: Why is the onboarding set up this way? The first benefit to this system is while in a paid training status working here full time, may create a financial hardship because the training pay is a lower amount, $15.50.  By front-loading the education, testing, and some in-person training. We are able to get you into a fully trained inspector status faster.

At $15.50 40 hours per week, you total gross payroll will be no less than $620.00.

There will likely be overtime opportunities while in training at the right time of the year. Over 40 hours is time and a half or $23.25.


Question: Why can’t I come on board full-time and focus on the online classes? We’ve created a waiting list system to stop people from taking away other people’s opportunities.  In the past, we hired people one at a time and paid them to take online education, so we turned away potential inspectors who wanted the job as well.  When others didn’t follow through we were now back at square one with less to invest with those that are moving forward.   Further delaying potential inspectors from coming on board.

Question: Is there an alternative to training with Champion? Yes, AHIT,, and a few other companies offer courses, if you self-fund and pay for your education.  We will reimburse you up to $1,500 after your 120th inspection so we know you are good. 

Question: How do I locate the InterNACHI practice questions?  Here is a short video How to access the over 2,000 practice videos(click here)

Question: Where can I find additional information about the Nation Home Inspector Exam? They have a YouTube video with very useful information regarding it, YouTube channel for the NAHE

Question: What does coming on board full-time look like when both online education and passing the National Exam? Congratulations, you have completed the basic steps to become a home inspector.  We will discuss this with you in person to determine a start date that works for both of us.  You will be expected to come on board full-time.  While in training there is no time off except for emergencies, the first 90 to 120 days.  You must be doing 1 inspection a day by 90 or we have to move on to the next person. It’s not fair to you to string you along and it’s not fair to us to keep someone on board who never gets to 2 a day.

The goal is to get you out there inspecting full-time with the least amount of full-time training time possible. If there is a further out start date, we may have you work with an inspector part-time to get the basics down.  We have had requests to work with us 2 days a week vs working weekends so there are a lot of variables.