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11-Month Warranty Inspection in Evansville

About Our 11-Month Warranty Inspections

New construction does not equal perfect construction. Many brand-new homes can be filled with significant defects. That is why getting an 11-Month Warranty Inspection is so important. Getting an inspection before your warranty expires can save you time and money in the long run.

11-Month Warranty Inspections are just like regular home inspections. You do not have to wait until eleven months after moving into your new home to get this inspection. You can have this inspection completed anytime before your one-year builders warranty expires. An 11-Month Warranty Inspection protects your investment and can give you peace of mind.

11-Month Warranty Inspection Evansville
11-Month Warranty Inspection

Why We Are Different

Most average Home Inspection companies in Evansville only cover 400 items. At Champion Property Inspection LLC, we cover 1600 items in and around the home. Our Premiere home inspections exceed industry standards and are among the most thorough in the industry, exposing unknown defects and advising you about future maintenance or we can recommend improvements.

At Champion Property Inspection LLC we perform a 100% inspection. If it’s accessible, we inspect it and report on it. We even GUARANTEE our inspections!

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