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Our Role in Our Community

At Champion Property Inspection we aren’t just a regular property inspection company, we are very active in the community. On this page we are sharing all of the community activities we support. When you support us, we support the community, let’s keep it up!  It’s important to set a good example of what small businesses, the backbone of America, can and will do. We support not only big organizations but little ones too!

June 2024

Champion is a happy supporter of It Takes A Village’s upcoming event.

It Takes A Village is a no kill shelter located in Evansville. Check out their website and consider adopting animals. For more information on them visit their website:


April 2024

Champion is proud to be a Gold level sponsor for the Autism Walk & 5K. We will be present at the event to support in person as well.

To read more about Autism Evansville or to sign up for the Autism Walk & 5K, visit their website:

March 2024

What Chemo Buddies does:

Chemo Buddies gives hope and encouragement to those who are going through cancer treatment. In addition to volunteers in the treatment room, we provide positive, uplifting experiences to everyone affected by cancer.

Chemo Buddies Mission:

No one ever has to face chemo alone! Chemo Buddies are in every local treatment room every single day. We serve every person that walks through the treatment room door – our friends in the recliners, their friends and loved ones, and sometimes even the staff person who needs a little extra TLC. Our job is to provide HOPE to everyone affected by cancer.

February 2024

Chocolate Affair raises funds for the nonprofit Lampion Center in Evansville, Indiana

Lampion Center provides programs and services specifically designed to reach at-risk youth, strengthen families, improve relationships and parenting skills, train professionals, and help prevent the physical or sexual abuse of children. We combine expertise, genuine connection, and skilled help to provide the best for emotional health and well-being for children, adults, and families.

From sharing with parents that little interactions are key to enhancing brain development in their child’s early years, to helping adults learn how breathing lowers stress levels, we know that information and connection are powerful tools.

Point of contact Jennifer Childress


Check out our short promotional piece for them; why helping the Lampion Center is important

November 2023

100 Guys who care!

100 Guys Who Care Evansville is a group of 100+ guys on a mission to improve our community by donating to local charities and non-profits. We are a “non-organization” that has no board of directors, no tax ID, and no bank account. None of the money runs through us, it all goes directly to the charities.

November 2023

We sponsored and supported the Lumiere D’Education Foundation, Gelina Mascoe oversees this organization. We stepped and sponsored a table, in addition, we donated enough money to ensure the school has enough food for the next year!  You can learn more about this organization here:

Castle Marchin Knights Fall 2023

We have supported Castle Marchin Knights many times over the year!

I’m biased here, because my Daughter is in it as well. We are proud supporters of the school and all the money that has needed to be raised!  We don’t just make donations, we feed a bunch of the members as well!

Point Man Ministries of Newburgh Summer 2023

As a multi-tour combat veteran myself, support for Veterans is very important to me. I always joke, from serving our country to serving our community. They annually hold the Point Man Ministries golf outing, and we always support them.

They can be found here:

About Point Man Ministries of Newburgh:

Point Man Ministries of Newburgh is a safe refuge where veterans, whether they left the military decades ago or have recently returned to civilian life, can turn for help. With support from our members who have “been there”, hurting veterans can realize they are not alone. We serve as facilitators by connecting veterans with resources and support within the community.We believe it is the responsibility of the community, not government, to transition our warrior’s home. We offer spiritual healing as an interdenominational conduit to a stronger faith in Jesus Christ. We encourage members to serve others, thereby nurturing their own healing and self-worth.